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51% of our population to be reached

Last 51% of our total population, nearly 642 million people live in villages of size from 0 to 5000. These villages are the most neglected and most affected region of our demography because of the harsh truth that uplifting these scattered habitations is not economically beneficial to anybody. The best solution provided to them for accessing drinking water is via bore well, hand pump or open well. Of course government has laid down pipelines for water supply, but the frequency of the supply is extremely poor and people have to essentially rely on sources mentioned above. Also, the water supplied by the government scheme is not purified. If we can bring all these villages together using water and ICT, these neglected regions can do miracles.
People in these villages have to reply on the public sources to get drinking water. The span of villages with population less than 5000 is such that every home is nearby and can come to the source of water very easily. Also, the distance of the houses is such that it is easy to carry the water jars to their home. At our pilot, little children come on their bicycles and take water to their home happily.

The villages falling under our target criteria size constitutes the bottom of the pyramid of our nation. If we can empower and strengthen them, we can make the foundation of our nation strong.

    Most neglected regions    

    Ease of carrying water